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Alan Rubenstein, Esq. LL. M.
Co-manging partner

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Personal attention is key for Alan when working with his clients and staff. As a Co - partner of Horowitz and Rubenstein, LLC, a law firm that specializes in taxation, tax planning, estate planning, business partnership formation, business succession planning, life insurance and asset protection planning, he lives by the philosophy of,

“Always do the right thing”. He credits his positive working relationships to his patient attitude.


Alan has also created curriculum for and has taught various CLE Courses including:

• Basic Understanding of 1031 Exchanges

• Taxation of Various Entities Including LLC’s, Partnerships, Etc.


Works with high net worth and ultra high net worth clients to preserve their wealth through a combination of effective estate and tax planning structures and tax efficiencies. Alan’s clients are high and ultra high net worth individuals seeking to preserve their wealth.

Alan focuses on:

Effective estate and tax planning

• Insurance Structure and planning

• Represents individuals before the IRS in New York State

• Works on Insurance Structuring and Planning

• 1031 Transactions-like kind exchange

• Represents individuals before IRS in NYS



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